Things That Inspire Me to Be Me

Okay so you know how we all have different personalities and we all like different things? This post is dedicated to showing yall what kinds of things inspire me to be myself…if that makes any sense! lol. In a nutshell, here are some of the things that I like and why. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what inspires you to be you?! -RIX

So lately I have been on this Arabian/Indian kick. From the decor to the music…I have been inspired and enchanted by these exotic cultures. I am in LOVE with Arabian/Hindu actresses and their makeup styles, and fasion as well!! I seriously find myself wishing to look like Haifa Wehbe! But of course I am perfectly content with looking like myself =) Maybe I will just buy a black wig and do a photoshoot! haha 😛

Here are a few photos that I find absolutly stunning and leave me breathless everytime I see them! They inspire me so much! Enjoy!! 🙂

Ok, I know Shakira is from Columbia but this outfit just screams Arabian nights! 😀 Did I mention I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bellydancing?

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