Monday’s Personal Photoshoot!

Hello My Darlings!

So On Monday I fianlly got around to doing a personal photoshoot. I was BEYOND excited because I hadn’t done one in so long. I drew inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s (R.I.P.) “Cleopatra” for my makeup. I used a really pretty bright green/aqua-ish color (It came in my eyeshadow kit from Ulta, but I removed the plastic that had the names of the eyeshadows listesd! So now I don’t know the exact names of my eyeshadows! Grrrr) as well as a lime green eyeshadow, and heavy black eyeliner. I’m no professional makeup artist, so if I can do it you can to! I Promise! 😀 

In my next blog I will be doing another photoshoot and give you the play by play of what I did and how I did it! Well check out the photos that made the cut below and let me know what you think!

“The Eyes Have it” by Rixi Photography

“Princess” by Rixi Photography

“Tough” by Rixi Photography

I hope you liked my self portraits! I think I’m going to be doing these once a week so I need some ideas! What or who should I be next week?  Put a suggestion in the comment section below and thanks again for stopping by my blog! =D

Peace & Love


  1. what camera do you use?

    • I actually use an just a regular $100 GE digital camera that I got for my birthday five years ago! lol. It’s actually only 7 megapixels! I also use editing software which accounts a lot for the end result of my photos. It’s actually free photo editing software called Photoscape! I HIGHLY recommend it for anybody. It seriously does wonders! xD

  2. I saw that you subscribed to my blog, and was very excited. So I decided to return the favor and look at some of your stuff. There are some pretty awesome pictures here. The self portraits and other things are all beautiful.
    Great job with that camera, keep up the good work! I haven’t had time to look at everything else, but the pictures really stood out. And again, thanks!

    • Awww thanks Derek!! You’re too kind!!! I try to do my best 😉 I love your blog too! It’s pretty awesome I must say! I just made a website for my photography, and I need to post it in my blog come to think of it…lol. Well, I hope we get to chat some more! You seem like a seasoned blogger, I’m still a NEWB. haha. Well thanks for visiting my blog =D Since I’m so nice does that mean you’re gunna subscribe?! HAHA. jk. xD I’m only kidding…sort of. hehe 😛

      I hope you have an amazing day! And don’t forget to keep writing that blog! It’s full of epic awesomeness! 🙂

  3. You’re going to have to do a photo shoot for me this weekend. Right right? lol Love the blog! It’s coming along nicely. Keep rockin’ it! WOOT WOOT! *luvs*

    • Yep a photoshoot this weekend for sure!!! Thanks for all the support ma!! I luv you!! 😀

  4. thats so damn pretty! o: My fav is the eyes one! 🙂

    ahaha I wish I could be this artsy. I just camewhore LOL

  5. Thanks girl!!!! Haha!! I just play with makeup and stuff in my spare time!!! Youtube makeup tutorials will be your best friend!!! 😉 But sometimes I just do what I feel like, which is what I did for this look! I’m a camerawhore too!! 😛 But hey, thats what cameras are for!!!!! lmao!! xD

    • Kristin
    • June 15th, 2011

    I love that youre a camerawhore!! If you werent, then there wouldnt be these amazing pictures for the world to see!! 😀

  6. Hi! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I love your eye makeup in these photos. You did very well. For your next personal photo shoot you should do something by Lady Gaga. Maybe her “Born This Way” album cover makeup? I look forward to seeing some more fantastic photos!

    • Hi Crystal!! You’re blog is great! I had to subsrcibe! lol. Ohhhhh….Lady Gaga-ish?? That would be interesting!! I’ve never tried to replicate her makeup before! But now I’m gunna try!! Woooott!! Thanks for the ideas!! xD And thanks for all your nice compliments!! You sure know how to make my day! =D

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