CMT Music Awards Fashion Blunders-What They Could Have Worn!

Alright ya’ll I don’t know if you caught the CMT awards the other night, but there were a few country crooners who just did not cowgirl up! Some of the ladies outfits left me cringing and covering my eyes! Not that I’m an expert in fashion, but some of these ooutfits just didn’t do the trick for me. So I decided that in this blog entry I’m going to makeover the gals that sadly ended up on most everyone’s worst dressed list. Wish me luck!


First up is the fabulous Mrs. Nicole Kidman

I love Nicole, but the dress not so much! What is that green suede with blue stripes? And the bottom dress is totally see through! IS that her slip? O.o This outfit is no bueno in my book!


Upon seeing this ehh..different outfit, I was inspired to give Nicole a fashion makeover. If I were Nicole’s stylist I think I would have dressed in her in something more like this…

The Dress



The Shoes


The Jewelry


Outfit Overview-

I chose a beautiful pewter mermaid dress with a gorgeous single shoulder strap. The earrings are blue amethyst and surprisingly only $50.00 on! The shoes, I mean they speak for themselves right? (Unfortunately I just realized I forgot to save the site where I found the shoes and the dress! >_< I will try and find the exact sites for you guys, and update the blog when I find them! I need get more organized. lol


So these are my picks for the timeless Mrs. Kidman. What do ya’ll think?

Leave your comments or feedback below! If you’d like me to style you an outfit let me know and I will feature you in my blog! 😀


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