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     Hi all! I’m RIX and welcome to my little part of cyberspace! To start off I guess I should say that I’m a pretty easy going gal. I love making new friends and chattin’ about any old topic, so don’t be shy! =) Hmm..what else is there to know about lil’ ole’ me? Well, I can tell you I’m from the Southwest, wich you will notice if you take a look at my photography 😉 I love living in the desert, It’s home. I Couldn’t love anywhere else as much as the Southwest I imagine! But who knows? Life is always throwing me surprises 🙂 I think I skipped a few steps so I should tell you that I’m an aspiring photographer as well as aspiring writer, jewelry designer, business student, painter, and whatever else I can manage to get my paws on! lol. Some might say I have too many interest, but I tend to think people don’t have enough! If you’re always interested in something you’ll never be bored or unproductive and those my friends, are two of the things I hate most in this world! Well I suppose I should wrap this up now I tend to babble on and trust me…I can do it for days! haha. I hope you enjoy my blog and don’t be afraid to drop in and say hello! =)

Peace & Love,


    • Pussy Higgins-Bottom
    • May 19th, 2011

    i think i just subscribed to you…maybe 😛

    • You did!!! Haha. Nice name by the way….LOL. 😛

  1. Just droppin’ by to say hello……so….errr….. ” HELLO !! ” LOL 🙂

    • Hi Maxxy! How are you? I see you’re writin’ all the way from the UK? That’s so awesome! The UK is seriously a place I need to go to take some photos. Any pretty places you can think of when I get there? It might be like in eight years…..but I would still appreciate a locals input! Lol xD

      • HAHA – Well….London is a fairly obvious one. Steeped in history, some great architecture, bussling with people, and an extremely vibrant nightlife, if you like that sort of thing. England’s South West coastline and little villages are really pretty, and would make for some cracking pics. The lake district is really nice too, the walk up to and along Striding Edge is fantastic ( see attached pic ) http://www.wanderingaengustreks.com/Album-Lakes/images/24%20Striding%20Edge.jpg – So there’s some starters for you. File them away and look me up when you get here !!! 😉

  2. hello, darling. nice to meet you. i saw that you subscribed to my blog and i thought “well now, how wonderful. who is this girl? i should find her.” and here you are. love the blog. love the photos. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. the camera you have works for you.. so go with it. thanks for subscribing. i will return the gesture! have a great one!

    • Awww thanks sweety!!! I love your blog too!! I swear I was just literally browsing through it for like half an hour!! xD And your name kills me everytime I read it I chuckle! 😛

      Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my photography!! It means a lot! It’s seriously my main passion =) Without it I would probably be a crazy mess! oh wait…I already am…lol. jk. xD

      Well I look forward to more of your blog post! I’m still trying to navigate WordPress…im such a NEWB. lol. Well I hope you have a wonderful day girl!

      Peace & Love


  3. Hi Rixxi

    I saw your forum post and pondered sending you a FB friend request, but thought that I’d visit your blog and leave a comment instead! That way, anyone can click my name and visit if they like, but I don’t display my personal info 🙂

    Nice photos by the way!

    • Thanks Stewie for checkin’ out my blog!! I don’t post my personal info anywhere either, even on FB 😉 But keepin true to the blog world if fine by me! 😀 And thank you for the comments on my photos!! I’m glad you like them xD

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