We’ll Make it Someday-An Original Poem by RIX

We’ll Make it Someday

Dreams far off

Dreams so close I can touch

The ground below

The sky above

The heart aches

Breathing stops

Lips open to speak

No sound leaves

Wind blows across my face

Cotton dress sways in the breeze

Memories swallow me whole

Of days much brighter

No guilt

No Pain, only joy

Rain falls

Thunder booms above

Lightening races across the sky

Rage stirs within my soul

Those memories, oh how they haunt me

Restless my heart is

Circumstances out of my control

But whispers of hope can be heard far off in the distance

What the future holds is fascinating

Must hang on

Don’t let go

We’ll make it some day



How to Relax in a Stressful World

       It’s the 21st century and let’s face it people, we are living in a fast paced, information overload, need everything, “right now”, society. It’s no secret that stress is a major problem these days. From the moment we roll out of bed we are bombarded with the thoughts and realizations that we have a never ending to do list. We grab a cup of coffee, and run through the things we need to do that day. We have to go to work, pick up the kids from after school, clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner, balance the checkbook, go over the bills, walk the dog, yell at your spouse because you’re so stressed out, cry quietly to yourself in the bathroom because you know that you’re going to have to pull little Jenna out of cheerleading just so you can afford the electric bill and then maybe, just maybe after all that, we get a few hours of relaxation time if we’re lucky.  So what are we overly stressed out people supposed to do? Is there any possible way to reduce the stress we face every day?  I have compiled a little list of things that may help cut back the stress of our day to day lives, and let us have a little more relaxation time.

  1. One word: Yoga.  I tried it once, and I haven’t stopped since. If you’re like me you carry stress around in your muscles. Sometimes we are aware of the tension and other times we are not. Yoga is a simple and effective way to relax the body and the mind.
  2. I know you’ve heard this a thousand times but exercising is the best medicine for stress. Not only are you going to get into amazing physical shape, but the body actually releases chemicals called “endorphins” which is your body’s natural “happy chemical.”
  3. This may come as a surprise to you, but you need to get out of your same old routine! Sure routines are nifty; I mean they give us structure in a hectic world right? However sometimes you have to break free and do something completely out of the norm.  Go see a band play on a week night, at some hole in the wall bar. Trust me; throwing a little spice into your life is never a bad thing!
  4. This next suggestion may have some of you electricity addicts throwing things at your computer screen, but why not try shutting off all your electricity for an hour or two? If you pay close attention to when your electricity goes off due to a bad storm, it’s strangely calming to have no computer to run to, or artificial lights on to keep us awake. Why not try reading a book by candle light instead?  Or you can even sit around with your family and just talk. A little quiet time never did the soul any harm.
  5. Listen to relaxing music. I swear, I can have the worst day ever but, then I throw on my “Spanish Guitar,” CD and like magic, I’m having a good day. Of course listening to the whine of a Spanish guitar may not be your thing, so browse the internet, or CD isles of your local Best Buy for something that you find soothing. Not everyone has the same taste, but I bet you ten buck, listening to music you enjoy will definitely help you relax! Or at least take the edge off!

How to Take Awesome Self Portraits


       So you’re a frequent user of Myspace, Facebook, or some other networking website. We networking site users know all about how important it is to have awesome portraits of ourselves. Let’s be real, that picture is what the whole entire virtual world will come to know us as. Do you really want a bad profile picture representing you out there? No? Then go ahead and read the following steps below, and learn how to take some awesome self portraits of yourself that you can use in the virtual world, without being embarrassed!

1. Get a camera, in my opinion the photo is only as good as the photographer. You don’t need a two-thousand dollar camera, with over twenty million different settings to get a decent picture. All you need is a common, household digital camera that you can buy at any outlet store that sells electronics. I would say that any camera with 7 megapixels or more will do just fine, if you have any less, you might risk the quality of the picture.

2. Figure out what you want to look like in your picture. Do you want to portray your creative side? Want to look like a sparkly vampire? A pinup girl from the 40’s? Or maybe even just a normal person? At this point, you should let your imagination take over. Pretend that you’re seeing the picture of yourself already in your mind. What do you see yourself as? What are you doing? This step is very important! If not the most important! I like to call this step the brainstorming step, or “picture storming” step.

3. After you have figured out what you want to look like in your self portrait, don’t forget to take a few things into consideration. More dramatic looks convey easier in photography! It’s something that I’ve learned simply by years of practice. It’s easier to take a picture of myself when I have on heavy makeup, interesting or somewhat large pieces of jewelry, and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear everyday! However, being au’ natural, and looking like yourself is just as easy! You might have to work the camera a little more, but you can do it! Also, don’t forget to keep in mind of how you want to be lit up, you know ‘lighting’ concepts? Do you want the lighting to hang above you for an interesting, and mysterious look? Do you want to stand out in the sunlight and have it bounce off your pretty, glowing skin? Lighting is key to an awesome self portrait. The best way to figure out how to use lighting? Practice, practice, practice! Go outside, (Morning and evening are usually best for those sunshine shots) stand directly in the sun, or maybe stand under a tree, turn your face, turn it back again! Do they look different? There are so many variations of how you can use lighting in your self portrait. The best thing to do is just play around with it, until you find what you’re looking for! One last thing to take into consideration, and that is your background! Your background is extremely important when taking self portraits. I have seen so many amazing self portraits on Myspace and Facebook, but when I examine the portrait closer, I could see things behind them that I wasn’t probably meant to see! (Dirty laundry anyone?) Why not try a colorful wall? If you don’t have a colorful wall to use as a background, try throwing a sheet (or blanket) behind you, or even go outside and look for some nature! Got a tree? Stand next to it! Trust me, good backgrounds make a world of difference!

4. The next step in taking awesome self portraits once you have established the look you’re going for, the lighting concepts and a background you can live with, start snappin’ away! Here’s a little secret, most people have an angle that suits them best! The slightest variations in our skin, features, etc, actually make a big difference when taking pictures! My best advice? Move your face a bit in each pic you take! Position your body in different ways. Smile, smirk, raise an eyebrow, raise one shoulder, raise the other, put a hand in the air! Are your pictures looking different? Good! That’s what you want! Take as many pics as you need to feel satisfied.

5. The final step in taking awesome self portraits is editing your pictures, if you choose to of course. You know how all those photos of celebrities in magazines look so perfect? Like their skin is amazingly, smooth and almost inhuman looking? Here’s a secret; it is! Most photos in magazines, promotional photos, CD covers, movie covers and so on, are edited. If you’re looking to edit your photos you can buy picture editing software such as Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, but if your a poor, starving, college, kid like me, you can download picture editing for free! I myself use Photoscape. Just go to http://www.Photoscape.org and download it for free. If you want to learn all about what Phoscape can do, skim over the website and honestly just play around with the software. The more you practice with the software, the better will become at using it!


Do You Belly Dance?

If you’re like me, than you probably  think that belly dancing is one of the most beautiful and seductive dances ever created! Belly dancing is a very old dance form,but has lasted through the ages becaues well…it’s just that freaking awesome! 😀

Here are a few of my favorite belly dancing videos. One day I will master this art!! Just watch me!!xD

I KNOW Haifa is not really belly dancing a whole lot in this video, but this is the song I practice my belly moves to when no ones lookin! haha.

Well I hope you all ejoyed these videos! Watch out for my next blog post, it will be up soon! 😀


Things That Inspire Me to Be Me

Okay so you know how we all have different personalities and we all like different things? This post is dedicated to showing yall what kinds of things inspire me to be myself…if that makes any sense! lol. In a nutshell, here are some of the things that I like and why. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what inspires you to be you?! -RIX

So lately I have been on this Arabian/Indian kick. From the decor to the music…I have been inspired and enchanted by these exotic cultures. I am in LOVE with Arabian/Hindu actresses and their makeup styles, and fasion as well!! I seriously find myself wishing to look like Haifa Wehbe! But of course I am perfectly content with looking like myself =) Maybe I will just buy a black wig and do a photoshoot! haha 😛

Here are a few photos that I find absolutly stunning and leave me breathless everytime I see them! They inspire me so much! Enjoy!! 🙂

Ok, I know Shakira is from Columbia but this outfit just screams Arabian nights! 😀 Did I mention I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bellydancing?

Hello World!

Well hi all! I’m RIX!! =) I have a real name, but I’m gunna make you guess what it is for now 😛 I started this blog so I can have a space ALLL my own where I can post content that interest me and just let my thoughts and mouth run wild! I have so many things I want to accomplish in my life and having this here little blog might just help me accomplish some of those things. I HOPE 😀 So sit back and welcome to my world! It’s a little crazy and hectic, but its me! If you have any questions or comments don’t be shy! Send me a message or post em’ below and I will try to get back to ya! 🙂

Peace & Love,