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Full Sexy Outfit for Under $25.00!


It’s that time again ladies. I’m on a mission to bring you the hottest outfits for under $25.00! And I just wanted to send out a big thank you to my bestie Kristin for introducing me to! They seriously have some of the hottest and most inexpensive clothes I have ever seen!!! xD I know where my next paycheck is going! Thanks girl! 😉


This challenge was to come up with a “sexy” outfit so here I go! Hope you like the items I picked!


The Dress

The cost of this dress is only $9.99! Can you believe that?! Seriously! This dress is located online at Don’t miss out on this bargain ladies!   


The Shoes


These here ladies are black satin platform pumps that are perfect for a night out on the town! Total cost for these stunning shoes? Only $9.99! Yep that’s right! Better get em’ while the hot girls! Head over to and snatch them up! 😉


The Jewelry

These perty Boho earings I think match well with the white ruffles of the dress, and tie the whole look together! These babies are only $4.80 at! What a steal! Get a pair while their still in stock! 😀


There you have it ladies a FULL sexy outfit for the combined price of $24.78! Not bad eh?! I love bargain shopping! Makes me feel frugal but satisfied and the same time! lol. Well thats all for today girls! Let me know if you liked this look and what kind of outfit you’d like to see next! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Ciao! =)



How to Look Chic for Cheap! Full Outfits for Under $25.00

How to Look Chic for Cheap! Full Outfits for Under $25.00


Alright girls it’s summer! Time to bust out that credit card and buy the latest summer fashions! I know what you’re thinking, “Well that would be nice, but how am I supposed to shop in this economy? I can’t even afford my bills!” No worries my fair ladies! I have put together cute outfits for as cheap as I possibly could without sacrificing style. It CAN be done girls! Check out my cheap chic finds below! =)


I’m going to start off with ONE pair of sandals. Shoes can go with multiple outfits so buying one pair of shoes goes a LOONGG way. My first cheap chic find were these cute, black,braided thong sandals with an ankle strap from Forever


PRICE: $7.50

Now if that’s not a steal I don’t know what IS!!


 So what do we pair these cute sandals with? Hmmm… Well I found this hot little number on Forever! It’s a cute little strapless, tribal print sundress. I think it might just work 😉


PRICE: $12.50

Yes this is the actual price! If I were you girls I’d be hoppin’ over to  and snatching up this dress before they go out of stock! Hurry! Hurry! Get it while it’s still cheap! lol. 😛


 Alright, so we have trendy shoes and a beautiful summer dress, what is our running total so far? If my math is correct (Which it’s usually not. Lol.) Our total comes out to be $18.00! WHAT? For less than twenty bucks you can have shoes and a dress?! Told you it could be done girls! Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? Good, me too! 😀

Okay so I set the budget for $25.00. Is it possible we can find a purse or accessories for 7.00 bucks or less? Let’s find out!


Here is a tote I found on It seriously one of the cutest totes I have EVER seen! And it matches our color scheme of pink and black!


PRICE: $1.50

Oh yeah, you just read that right, ONE freaking fifty! Girls snatch this up, I’m telling ya! We can also use this tote with other outfits and for $1.50 how can you beat that? xD



The running total now is $19.50! Accessories? I think yes!


 I found this little beauty at as well. It’s black which matches the shoes, and it’s going with our bird theme on the tote.

 PRICE: $4.80

 So there you have it my darlings! The total has come out to $24.30! Not bad eh? We have a cute summer dress, some classic black sandals, a bag, AND a necklace all for under $25.00! Recession-smession, you can still look hot and trendy without breaking the bank 😉

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it informative! I actually LOVED doing it so I think I’m going to do more! So look out for those and remember to like, subscribe and comment! 🙂


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Dreams and Goals of Mine

Some people say I plan too much. And I admit I do at times, however I firmly believe in having some sort of direction in life and that involves planning. However, not everything I plan comes to fruition, but thats just life. So what is it that little ole’ me wants out of life? What are my goals for the future? Well if you really wanna know I guess i can tell ya 🙂

My main goal is to become a working photographer. I want to be getting paid for doing what I love. The ultimate dream of mine regarding photography? Working as a fashion photographer, or as traveling photographer for National Geographic. Or hell, why not both? I wouldn’t be complainin’ if I had both jobs! Thats for sure! I also want to write an e-book or two about how to take amazing photos using your regular old digital camera and how to make them look professional. It’s something I think a lot of people would like to learn about, and I get SO many questions as to how I do what I do. This would be an easy way to answer them all! 😀

Speaking of writing, not that I’m so amazing at it ( I need an editor! AHH), but I would love to finish my novel and publish it as an e-book it  for Kindle.  Do I want to  be the next Amanda Hocking? Heck yeah! But this is by far a long shot! 😛 However, I will give it a go and see what happens. That’s one thing I like about my personality, (And yes ya’ll you shouldn’t be ashamed to like yourself 🙂 I’m really not afraid to take risks. You either succeed or you fail, but at least you tried right?

Speaking of books, did I mention I’m opening up my own online bookstore? It will be a collection of used books, as well as used college textbooks at cheap and affordable prices. It’s always been a true dream of mine to own a bookstore. Of course when I pictured it, my bookstore was ya know, an actual store, and I ran a cute little cafe inside that served coffee and baked goods, but hey, this works too! 🙂

Let’s see what else? Oh yes! I want to finish school of course! I want to earn my bachelors degree in business management. I’m not aiming for a specific date to finish, because it’s really expensive and the University I want to go to just raised their tuition! 0_0 NOT COOl! I will find my way though, I always do 🙂

Last but not least, I want to design! I’m a design freak. I like designing clothes, jewelry (Actually just started the jewelry website, so I will be posting that when it’s finished!)and even furniture! So who knows where I will go with all these ideas! Once you start dreamin, and plannin, things fall into place if you work hard enough!! 😉 So never stop dreaming, and plan, plan, plan!!

Well that was my “random rant” for the day! Leave a comment, subscribe, or send me a message! Ciao!


Rixi Photography Portfolio (Continued)

(This is a continuation of my last Photography Portfolio post)

Today I wanted to show ya’ll some of my original photos. I am an aspiring photographer with NO professional equipment. I simply use a $100 GE, 7 megapixel camera that I’ve had for about five years. It’s a dinosaur I know, but I still love it! :D The editing software I use is actually a free software program called Photoscape. I will post the link to photoscape at the bottom of the page for those of you who are interested in using it. It’s really an AMAZING tool! Every aspiring photographer should at least give it a test drive It’s that good! lol.

I really hope you enjoy lookin through my photos and please let me know what ya think! Comment, subscribe, like or share, all are good options :P  Thanks!


Hope ya’ll liked my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Peace & Love


How to Take Awesome Self Portraits


       So you’re a frequent user of Myspace, Facebook, or some other networking website. We networking site users know all about how important it is to have awesome portraits of ourselves. Let’s be real, that picture is what the whole entire virtual world will come to know us as. Do you really want a bad profile picture representing you out there? No? Then go ahead and read the following steps below, and learn how to take some awesome self portraits of yourself that you can use in the virtual world, without being embarrassed!

1. Get a camera, in my opinion the photo is only as good as the photographer. You don’t need a two-thousand dollar camera, with over twenty million different settings to get a decent picture. All you need is a common, household digital camera that you can buy at any outlet store that sells electronics. I would say that any camera with 7 megapixels or more will do just fine, if you have any less, you might risk the quality of the picture.

2. Figure out what you want to look like in your picture. Do you want to portray your creative side? Want to look like a sparkly vampire? A pinup girl from the 40’s? Or maybe even just a normal person? At this point, you should let your imagination take over. Pretend that you’re seeing the picture of yourself already in your mind. What do you see yourself as? What are you doing? This step is very important! If not the most important! I like to call this step the brainstorming step, or “picture storming” step.

3. After you have figured out what you want to look like in your self portrait, don’t forget to take a few things into consideration. More dramatic looks convey easier in photography! It’s something that I’ve learned simply by years of practice. It’s easier to take a picture of myself when I have on heavy makeup, interesting or somewhat large pieces of jewelry, and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear everyday! However, being au’ natural, and looking like yourself is just as easy! You might have to work the camera a little more, but you can do it! Also, don’t forget to keep in mind of how you want to be lit up, you know ‘lighting’ concepts? Do you want the lighting to hang above you for an interesting, and mysterious look? Do you want to stand out in the sunlight and have it bounce off your pretty, glowing skin? Lighting is key to an awesome self portrait. The best way to figure out how to use lighting? Practice, practice, practice! Go outside, (Morning and evening are usually best for those sunshine shots) stand directly in the sun, or maybe stand under a tree, turn your face, turn it back again! Do they look different? There are so many variations of how you can use lighting in your self portrait. The best thing to do is just play around with it, until you find what you’re looking for! One last thing to take into consideration, and that is your background! Your background is extremely important when taking self portraits. I have seen so many amazing self portraits on Myspace and Facebook, but when I examine the portrait closer, I could see things behind them that I wasn’t probably meant to see! (Dirty laundry anyone?) Why not try a colorful wall? If you don’t have a colorful wall to use as a background, try throwing a sheet (or blanket) behind you, or even go outside and look for some nature! Got a tree? Stand next to it! Trust me, good backgrounds make a world of difference!

4. The next step in taking awesome self portraits once you have established the look you’re going for, the lighting concepts and a background you can live with, start snappin’ away! Here’s a little secret, most people have an angle that suits them best! The slightest variations in our skin, features, etc, actually make a big difference when taking pictures! My best advice? Move your face a bit in each pic you take! Position your body in different ways. Smile, smirk, raise an eyebrow, raise one shoulder, raise the other, put a hand in the air! Are your pictures looking different? Good! That’s what you want! Take as many pics as you need to feel satisfied.

5. The final step in taking awesome self portraits is editing your pictures, if you choose to of course. You know how all those photos of celebrities in magazines look so perfect? Like their skin is amazingly, smooth and almost inhuman looking? Here’s a secret; it is! Most photos in magazines, promotional photos, CD covers, movie covers and so on, are edited. If you’re looking to edit your photos you can buy picture editing software such as Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator, but if your a poor, starving, college, kid like me, you can download picture editing for free! I myself use Photoscape. Just go to and download it for free. If you want to learn all about what Phoscape can do, skim over the website and honestly just play around with the software. The more you practice with the software, the better will become at using it!