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Country Bumpkin Inspired Outfits


 Howdy ya’ll! Hehe. I said “howdy” xD But, anywho, for this blog post I thought I’d put together a few country outfits for you cowgirls. Not ALL country gals and cowgirls wear wranglers. long sleeve shirts and cowboy (cowgirl?) hats! No ma’am! I put together two HOT country inspired outfits for the fashion forward country bumpkin in you!



Country Bumpkin Outfit #1

                                                                  THE DRESS



 I chose this adorable Turquoise dress by Pink Cattlelac because not only of the beautiful color, but because of the cinched waiste, and ruffles at the bottom! Isn’t it just cute??!  



Alright, so honestly I started out with the boots first! I was looking through the online catalouge at (See for yourself. Boots to DIE for! Just metaphorically of course. hah! What really struck me about these boots was the turqoise color and of course that lovely pattern, that I’m not entirely sure what it is of exactly, and the description wasn’t that helpful either! hehe. But, moving on the brand of these delicious boots is Corral and they can also be found at


           THE PURSE


Alright my lil’ country bumpkins check out this ridiculously cute find from American West. It’s a studded horseshoe leather tote bag and not only is this tote fashionable, but it’s also lucky! Why is it lucky you might ask? Well because it features an upside down horseshoe and for some reason they’re lucky! See I got my gals covered! 😉  This lucky tote was a lucky find at



Country Bumpkin Outfit #2  


Some of you might be wondering…rixxi did you fall off your pony and hit your head or something?! This is a purple tiered dress from Old Navy! OLD NAVY! It can’t possibly be considered countrybumpkin-ish! Can it? Ah, but do not fret my darlings! Let’s see what I have added to this Old Navy dress to make it less Old Navy-ish and more country bumpkin-ish!  





Oh yes I went here! Let me just say, personally I LOVE victorian boots! It’s like when the Victorian women finally said ” I AM WOMAN! I SHALL wear boots!” (Because they had better vocabularies back then) and they made them cute instead of ugly, and raggedy which I’m sure the men’s were! (lol) IF that makes sense? (Hehe) Moving on! These are 9″ lace inset Victorian boots wich can be found at (My new favorite store! Seriously do yourself a favor and at least skim over this site! You’ll become a boot fanatic like me. Okay, that’s just an assumption, but you might like something there? =)





If this here piece o’ jewelry aint country and make you feel strong and “Ford Tough” and all that stuff well then, I don’t know what does! Personally, I think this is one of the coolest looking and functional pieces of jewelry I have ever seen! Just un hook the clasp where the three stars are, and the spur slides out and becomes a Ninjer’ throwin’ star! Alright, alright, I’m totally joking. It doesn’t double as a weapon *sigh* however it’s still a kick butt piece o’ jewelry by Montana Silversmiths wich can be found at (However I still maintain It could have been a cool weapon conflabbit! >_< *Just for the record I don’t condone violence of any kind 0.O lol.







Last but not least this purty, purple, purse by Kathy Van Zeeland. It is appropriatly named the  “Boom Shaker” Baha! Totally awesome name in my opinion. So, I thought the purple went nicely with the purple dress, (duh)  and the silver chains and studs accented the Spur Necklace wich is pretty much entirely silver . So this is more of “rocker country bumpkin outfit?” I don’t really know anymore, all I know is it’s hot here in the desert and if you want to purchase this awesome little “Boom Shaker”  it can be found  at!


So that’s all I have for now ya’ll come back at a later date and I’ll have some amazing outfits set up for ya! And most likely a personal photo shoot. Not sure yet! But stay tuned! Ya’ll come back now ya hear! 🙂







Full Sexy Outfit for Under $25.00!


It’s that time again ladies. I’m on a mission to bring you the hottest outfits for under $25.00! And I just wanted to send out a big thank you to my bestie Kristin for introducing me to! They seriously have some of the hottest and most inexpensive clothes I have ever seen!!! xD I know where my next paycheck is going! Thanks girl! 😉


This challenge was to come up with a “sexy” outfit so here I go! Hope you like the items I picked!


The Dress

The cost of this dress is only $9.99! Can you believe that?! Seriously! This dress is located online at Don’t miss out on this bargain ladies!   


The Shoes


These here ladies are black satin platform pumps that are perfect for a night out on the town! Total cost for these stunning shoes? Only $9.99! Yep that’s right! Better get em’ while the hot girls! Head over to and snatch them up! 😉


The Jewelry

These perty Boho earings I think match well with the white ruffles of the dress, and tie the whole look together! These babies are only $4.80 at! What a steal! Get a pair while their still in stock! 😀


There you have it ladies a FULL sexy outfit for the combined price of $24.78! Not bad eh?! I love bargain shopping! Makes me feel frugal but satisfied and the same time! lol. Well thats all for today girls! Let me know if you liked this look and what kind of outfit you’d like to see next! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Ciao! =)


CMT Music Awards Fashion Blunders-What They Could Have Worn!

Alright ya’ll I don’t know if you caught the CMT awards the other night, but there were a few country crooners who just did not cowgirl up! Some of the ladies outfits left me cringing and covering my eyes! Not that I’m an expert in fashion, but some of these ooutfits just didn’t do the trick for me. So I decided that in this blog entry I’m going to makeover the gals that sadly ended up on most everyone’s worst dressed list. Wish me luck!


First up is the fabulous Mrs. Nicole Kidman

I love Nicole, but the dress not so much! What is that green suede with blue stripes? And the bottom dress is totally see through! IS that her slip? O.o This outfit is no bueno in my book!


Upon seeing this ehh..different outfit, I was inspired to give Nicole a fashion makeover. If I were Nicole’s stylist I think I would have dressed in her in something more like this…

The Dress



The Shoes


The Jewelry


Outfit Overview-

I chose a beautiful pewter mermaid dress with a gorgeous single shoulder strap. The earrings are blue amethyst and surprisingly only $50.00 on! The shoes, I mean they speak for themselves right? (Unfortunately I just realized I forgot to save the site where I found the shoes and the dress! >_< I will try and find the exact sites for you guys, and update the blog when I find them! I need get more organized. lol


So these are my picks for the timeless Mrs. Kidman. What do ya’ll think?

Leave your comments or feedback below! If you’d like me to style you an outfit let me know and I will feature you in my blog! 😀


How to Look Chic for Cheap! Full Outfits for Under $25.00

How to Look Chic for Cheap! Full Outfits for Under $25.00


Alright girls it’s summer! Time to bust out that credit card and buy the latest summer fashions! I know what you’re thinking, “Well that would be nice, but how am I supposed to shop in this economy? I can’t even afford my bills!” No worries my fair ladies! I have put together cute outfits for as cheap as I possibly could without sacrificing style. It CAN be done girls! Check out my cheap chic finds below! =)


I’m going to start off with ONE pair of sandals. Shoes can go with multiple outfits so buying one pair of shoes goes a LOONGG way. My first cheap chic find were these cute, black,braided thong sandals with an ankle strap from Forever


PRICE: $7.50

Now if that’s not a steal I don’t know what IS!!


 So what do we pair these cute sandals with? Hmmm… Well I found this hot little number on Forever! It’s a cute little strapless, tribal print sundress. I think it might just work 😉


PRICE: $12.50

Yes this is the actual price! If I were you girls I’d be hoppin’ over to  and snatching up this dress before they go out of stock! Hurry! Hurry! Get it while it’s still cheap! lol. 😛


 Alright, so we have trendy shoes and a beautiful summer dress, what is our running total so far? If my math is correct (Which it’s usually not. Lol.) Our total comes out to be $18.00! WHAT? For less than twenty bucks you can have shoes and a dress?! Told you it could be done girls! Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? Good, me too! 😀

Okay so I set the budget for $25.00. Is it possible we can find a purse or accessories for 7.00 bucks or less? Let’s find out!


Here is a tote I found on It seriously one of the cutest totes I have EVER seen! And it matches our color scheme of pink and black!


PRICE: $1.50

Oh yeah, you just read that right, ONE freaking fifty! Girls snatch this up, I’m telling ya! We can also use this tote with other outfits and for $1.50 how can you beat that? xD



The running total now is $19.50! Accessories? I think yes!


 I found this little beauty at as well. It’s black which matches the shoes, and it’s going with our bird theme on the tote.

 PRICE: $4.80

 So there you have it my darlings! The total has come out to $24.30! Not bad eh? We have a cute summer dress, some classic black sandals, a bag, AND a necklace all for under $25.00! Recession-smession, you can still look hot and trendy without breaking the bank 😉

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it informative! I actually LOVED doing it so I think I’m going to do more! So look out for those and remember to like, subscribe and comment! 🙂


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